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A question on New Italian Epic look out on New (Italian) Media Epic

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nabawood_cowboy_low2NEW MEDIA ART EDUCATION & RESEARCH 2009

New Media Art Education & Research 2009, along with the issue of the Workshop/Theory, wants to open a new reflection that starts with the UNidentified Narrative Objects, in other words what are students of the Media Design & Multimedia Art producing? Short films, video clips, art videos, short feature films, music clips, simple audiovisual artifacts, or a sort of junk? This reflection makes of the New Italian Epic narratological paradigm, conceived and proposed by Wu Ming, a benchmark for the critics.

-The idea is that the audiovisual media, as well as the New Media art, could face a new paradigm, that can be found in the question about the UNOs.

– These UNOs can be about the audiovisual media, and include the concept of the ‘Garage media’, a self-legitimated cultural spontaneous attitude, both technical and critical, in fact “today’s video cameras, recording systems and the editing have sustainable costs for everybody, and the arrival of ‘personal media’ is a reality. Television cameras are embedded both in mobile phones and in personal computers. Video self- production is an effect of family television cameras. Moreover with the arrival of the 2.0 web a large quantity of video content realized in sequence and precarious editing are on the web”. These materials can represent the content for a New Italian Epic for the Audiovisual media, and on the other hand it can be “an answer to a techno-narrative bulimia which is in search of some kind of feature and canon”, and so it can become a sort of massified junk of literature and cinema( today maybe it is better to use the term volgarized);

[note from http://endofthevideo.blogspot.com/%5D

The New Italian Epic is a tool to create canon memorandum, which uses “both the New Media Art and the Audiovisual media as a research ‘device’”.

However if the research in the New Media Art has a cultural ‘aspect’ (Moholy Nagy, McLuhan, Kluivert, Lippard, Burnham, Ascott, Zielinsky, Shanken, Lonvink, Hauser, Bulatov) the works produced keep their dignity within the paradigm. That can be seen in the work of OtheretO


or, quoting another paradigm-work, of the most famous Darko Maver of http://www.0100101110101101.org/


Things change with the Audiovisual media.

Feature films by Alina Marazzi are superficially defined as ‘documentaries’, though that definition is not right [http://www.unorasola.it/]

Also the work by director Marianna Schivardi is classified as a documentary, though it’s not right


Even the works by the ‘patron saint’ of the new Werner Herzog cinema are classified as documentaries, though they are not.


-The UNO is the product of

-NEW MEDIA ( media approach)




To discuss and build a paradigm with all these aspects, we will meet on March 4th at the symposium organized by PhD Planetary Collegium M-Node and NABA, NEW MEDIA ART EDUCATION & RESEARCH, which will take place at FORMA, Piazza Tito Lucrezio Caro 1, Milan;


Within two/three months we will held a conference in the NABA Academy to define the first paradigm FROM THE ONE TO THE NEW ITALIAN EPIC Audiovisual media;

Any reflection, encouragement and idea will be appreciated.



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