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What one could and should say: From Unidentified Narrative Objects to New (Italian) Media Epic

In Uncategorized on febbraio 23, 2009 at 3:43 pm

What are audio-visual creators up to lately? And what are the new Media Design and Multimedia Art research agendas leading to? Short-format films, video clips, “art” video, medim-length movies, musical clips, simple audiovisual artefacts? At Garage Media self-legitimating, we’re looking for the meaning of a collection of authorial musings, for new models of analogy, for the mutual entanglement of syncretic gazes, for examples that can be see as vortex-like codes of a new paradigm.

What: Conference BEYOND DARWIN: The co-evolutionary path of art, technology and consciousness

Where: Sala Parpallò Spain, Valencia

When: 24-25 April



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